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Thursday, March 22, 2012

International Giveaway from AdoreBelleRose

Dicatat oleh m i a di 9:56 AM

hi all,

first time joined the international giveaway makes me excited, and had to make entry in english (tolong jangan pengsan). eventho a bit 'tunggang langgang', as long as u guys faham, kira bedal la, bahaha.

The super duper Awesome 'hadiah'

- Soap And Glory Flake Away Body Scrub
- Bangles from New Look
- Dolly Wink Pencil Liner in Black
- Diamond Lash Pure Series Beauty Eye
- Diamond Lash Limited Edition Diamond Eye
- A Retro Gold Camera Style Ring
- Collection 2000 Cream Puff in No 1 Cotton Candy
- Sleek Paint Pout in 161 Minx
- 30 piece Double eyelid fibre
- Nerdy Black Frames
- Sleek Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette
- Anna Sui Style Eyelash Box
- A Hawaii Hand Held Ice Lolly Mirror With Slide Out Comb Handle
- Claire's Bright Colours Eyeshadow Palette

Rules For The Giveaway:

1. Must be a Follower of AdoreBelleRose Blog

2. Must Follow her on Twitter and Tweet the giveaway and tag her in it

3. Must Add her on Facebook and like a picture~ a lot easier when checking

4. +1 entry if you Blog about the giveaway or put up sidebar

- Please comment with links to the rules you completed so she can keep track of how many people entered.

- She have got Instagram (smartphone app) so feel free to follow her, its AdoreBelleRose

the ending date will be announced once more than 50 people have entered the giveaway. so feel free to join and share it with your friend.


gud luck ya,

oke da bai,


2 ulasan:

nuyui a.k.a miss YUI on March 21, 2012 at 5:44 PM said... BALAS

good luck sis..

m i a on April 14, 2012 at 8:29 PM said... BALAS

@nuyui a.k.a miss YUI

thanks syg..


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